Faster TDD with iTerm and vim

A couple of weeks ago Josh Davey released turbo, a great vim plugin that aims to keep your TDD feedback loop faster and less prone to unnecessary context-switches through the use of split sessions and tmux.

Before you continue reading this post, check out the announcement post on his blog, so you know what we’re talking about.

iTerm anyone?

Anything that can speed up our TDD loop has to be taken very seriously, so I tried to port the same concepts to my personal development habits.

In my day-to-day work I make use of iTerm 2, a great replacement to the default Mac terminal application. iTerm provides both split and tab sessions; furthermore, it supports the use of AppleScript to automate many aspects of its behavior.

I asked myself whether I really needed to add an “extra layer” to my usual stack — that is, tmux — or rather if I could achieve the same result without it. Turns out it was not the case.

How to communicate with iTerm

Man, I hate AppleScript. Approximately 90% of the entire time spent on this small project was just to learn the minimum necessary to write this: