200 Law Firms Suspended in UAE for Failing to Comply With Anti-money Laundering Procedures

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There are a few disturbing developments unfolding in the Middle East. The main problem in UAE is with regard to money laundering and tax evasion. 200 Law Firms have been suspended in the United Arab Emirates for not complying with anti-money laundering laws. This comes as no surprise to me and I believe this is the result of international Terrorism.

Al Qaeda has implemented a policy of using any opportunity to hijack aircraft and demand ransom payments from western countries. It has placed a hit on several commercial airliners in the past. It appears that the hijackers were looking to collect large ransom payments from these airliners. If this was successful, it would be in their best interest to prevent another plane crash. Unfortunately, no airline will be able to verify if there was a problem prior to taking off.

As stated before, the main problem is international Terrorism. In the UAE, there are more than 100 law firms; how could a small percentage of them comply with these anti-money laundering laws? I believe that this is another example of; “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” In our nation, we have been practicing strict regulations on money laundering and this has prevented many things from happening. However, if we cannot have strict regulations, then we can’t have safety.

Is the UAE considering putting satellite dish towers on buildings and other structures? These dishes would send signals throughout the world and they are being used by the terrorists to communicate. This will only make things worse and cause more damage. As mentioned before, if this is true, then why weren’t these terrorists working on their communications when they hijacked the planes?

Another concern is cell phone use. Many of these cell phones have been bought to avoid being tracked by the law enforcement officers. This means that they are being utilized for terrorist activities and no one will be able to find out who they are talking to or where they are calling from because there will be no records kept. This means that law firms must now get a court order to track down a cell phone user.

Law firms have access to large amounts of cash and this means that they have capital investments that are used to finance terrorism. We must do everything in our power to prevent this from happening in our nation. If we fail to do this then there will be more problems for our nation. Each time a new issue arises such as these; “Dissidents in the House,” Political Riots in Egypt,” Nigeria Arrested for Coup d’Etat,” “Iranian Coup d’Etat,” and many others, it will cost us even more money and our economy will not recover. We cannot afford to not do what we can; therefore, we must be diligent in every endeavor that we undertake to prevent future incidents.

Now then, I have been watching the news every morning and have noticed a few things over the past couple of years that really make me wonder; is our government protecting our citizens or protecting those who wish to harm us? Many people argue that the Internal Revenue Service is just looking out for the American People and therefore they can do whatever they like. However, if that were true then why are there investigations being done on some private citizens who are here looking for information on some private cell phone numbers?

If the law firms are not held accountable for their actions in the District of Columbia why would anyone in the private sector be immune from accountability? If the American People would stand up and boycott these firms guilty of criminal behavior in the District of Columbia then this would eliminate this problem. Therefore, if you want to protect yourself and your loved ones then you must take an aggressive stance against those who are guilty of doing wrong. These are the same individuals that your grandfathers and fathers worked for and in many cases, they were treated better than you are right now. If you cannot stand up to them how can we expect the rest of our citizenry to do so? Think about this and choose the law firm in dubai.

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