6 Top and Competitive Programming Languages 2020

Programming languages are the backbone of software and web development. In this digital world, there are more than 600 programming languages. It is not at all possible to learn each of them. So, you have to pick up the one that holds the future. 

Newly created languages are on the way to emerge with exclusive and predominant features. From banks to museums, grocery stores to shopping malls, the computer is now everywhere. Sophisticated jets and aeroplanes are now built with autopilot technology and digital speedometer. 

Now, this software is developed by a certain programming language. That is why learning a programming language is the most essential task to compete with the various forms around you. 

Categories of Programming Language

Previously there were three types of programming languages. They are like High level, Middle Level, and Low level. Now, technical experts have eliminated obsolete languages and shortened the category into only high level and low-level languages. 

High-Level Languages

High-level programming languages allow all the programmers to write independent programs. Those programs can run on every computer. Programmers prefer high-level languages because they are close to the logic of human languages. People can understand them easily. In addition to that, they are also easy to learn and maintain. 

The high-level languages are user-friendly as programmers can write them in simple English. They can be executed faster than any other language. Programmers need a compiler to compile and run the programs. It requires less memory in the computer. The debugging process is easy-to-maintain. 

Low-level Languages

Low-level languages help the programmers by creating the abstraction from hardware to software. The machine instructions are denoted by 0 and 1. The low-level language is further divided into machine level and assembly level languages. Every low-level language parameter is classified into a hierarchy level, learning curve, writing style, code generation, and other necessary requirements. 

Top 6 Comparative Programming languages of 2020

Amongst all the languages in computer science and application, experts and analysts have sorted out the best 6 of them. Let’s not waste any moment and dive straight into it. 

  • Python

In 1990, Mr Guido van Rossum developed the Python programming language. It was his side project apart from his main work. But now, it has become the most famous language in the world. Every large scale software development company uses Python. It is mainly focused on the developer experience. 

  • Java

Java is also another best choice for the programmers and large scale organizations for several decades. It is mainly used for developing web applications on an enterprise level. It is stable, user-friendly, and platform-independent. Programmers now use Java in Android development as it is an OOP (Object Oriented Programming Language). 

  • C/C++

C and C++ are the building blocks of knowledge in the field of computer programming. Almost every low-level system is built-in C and C++. 

C is a procedure-oriented language whereas C++ is an object-oriented programming language. C++ has the STL (Standard Template Library) functions that contain data structures, arithmetic operations, and other algorithms. 

  • JavaScript

JavaScript is the front-end programming language used by various programmers to develop front-end applications. In a particular website, when a pop-up ad appears, it is developed in JavaScript. 

Nowadays, people are using NodeJS, which is a JavaScript-based runtime environment. Developers use this for server-side scripting. In doing so, it will produce dynamic web-page content. 

  • Golang

Golang or Go is the language developed by Google itself. This language delivers multi-threading in order to run on the distributed systems. Reports say that Golang is used by all the start-up companies located at Silicon Valley. Nowadays, various Indian tech organizations are adopting it for their software development. 

  • Kotlin

Kotlin is an inference type general-purpose language compatible with Java. Now, Kotlin is officially attached to the development of Android applications. It can easily combine with object-oriented programming (OOP) and its functional features as well. 

The interpretation between Java and Kotlin helps the development of Android applications faster and makes the process smooth. Due to the availability of superb tools, organizations like Pinterest, Coursera, and others have adopted this language for their application development purpose.  

As the maximum number of businesses are adopting Kotlin, Google is now forced to promote this language leaving aside Java. Developers and tech experts believe that Kotlin has a far better future in the field of android development than any other language.


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