Who I am

Growing up in Turin, Florentine of adoption_undefined, 26 years, two children, a decade of years an undefined period in the development on the web.

Like all amateurs who respect each other start with Frontpage, then blogs arrive. In 2007 m’invento together with Federico an extension for Firefox called DownThemAll! (43 million downloads to date). I continue to work as a freelance on dozens of PHP and WordPress projects. In the meantime, I graduated in Computer Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin (once it was said to be “full marks”) and I cut my teeth on serious web development.

After a few years of dependent work that lasted a few years in parallel with the study, in 2010 I am among the founders of weLaika, an IT company specializing in applications and management in Ruby / Rails, and Android and iOS (native and web-based) mobile applications.