In this developed technological world, traditional educational patterns have been extensively replaced with E-learning. And, when we talk about gaining knowledge through accessing the internet, several safety measures need to be implemented.  There is various online learning software available, where the kids need to share their personal information such as […]

Programming languages are the backbone of software and web development. In this digital world, there are more than 600 programming languages. It is not at all possible to learn each of them. So, you have to pick up the one that holds the future.  Newly created languages are on the […]

With the upcoming of a new version of Python programming language, the development of web technology is clearly on the driver seat. The pre-beta release is already over and people are loving the new imminent version. Experts believe that this will be the game-changer as well as the major breakthrough […]

Node.js is one of the most famous and creative server applications. It is written in Javascript language. It offers as well as delivers the functionality of the application server as well as a web server. Technical experts are now considering Node.js as the master tool for microservices based on its […]

Developers spend enormous time trying to solve business issues associated with code. Then comes the turn of the operations team to figure out at first, the code essential for the developers to write up and run on available computers. Next, make sure that those computers are operating smoothly or not. The […]

Java and Node.js are two different approaches for developing mobile and network applications. They both have their own respective unique features which have attracted developers from around the world. But there is one issue that always comes up and creates a major debate different groups of developers – which is […]

Among many uses of Python Language, data analytics has become the most significant one. The Python consists of libraries, applications, and tools that make the process of data analysis and scientific computing very fast and smooth. However, the Julia Language was aimed specifically for doing machine learning, large-scale linear algebra, […]