In Details: Know the Use of Dapper ORM in C#

Dapper ORM

ORM or Object-relational mapping is just a simple mechanism where it becomes possible to address, access and manipulate objects without having to consider how those objects are relating to their respective data sources.

It is a stratagem where a metadata explainer is put to function to join object code to a relational database. You may know that we can write objects codes in OOP or Object Oriented Programming (OOP) languages (for example, Java or C#).

This article basically deals with the ways you can use Dapper ORM in C#.

The Whip Hands of the Use of ORM

ORM transforms data between type systems which fails to exist along with relational databases and Object Oriented Programmings. ORM also provides us the following advantages besides the data access technique. They are:

  1. The automation of object to table and table to object conversion leads to a simplified development. The outcome of this feature is much less costing of maintenance and development.
  2. An embedded SQL comprises of more codes whereas ORM requires lesser code quantity along with handwritten stored methods.
  3. The performance of the system gets improved to a great extent with the transparent object caching in the application tier.
  4. Object relational mapping provides you an optimized solution leading the application to run faster and also it becomes less complex to maintain.

Dapper ORM – What is it?

Discrepancy in effective resistance of circuit which exists in between the object models of programming languages must be omitted. Also, the data models in relational databases should be eliminated. Object relational mappers (ORMs) are responsible for this elimination.

The Stack Overflow group built up and developed Dapper which is a lightweight ORM. Dapper is an open source and it is way speedier than other ORMs mainly for its light weight.

The team of Dapper ORM developers kept two things in their minds. First, the performance of the ORM and second is the ease of usage. Dapper is the spine for both the static and the mobile object fastening with the implementation of transactions, stored techniques, or mass insertion of data.

One thing that you should note down is Dapper does not provide a direct support to bulk insert but a third party library does – Dapper Plus. Dapper Plus is a primary library for Dapper extension inclusive of every bulk operation.

The Reason you Should Work With Dapper

Dapper is highly demanded in the market mainly for its speed and presence of negligible amount of complexity. Besides these, there are certain factors which will lure you to use this ORM. You should use Dapper because:

  1. Statistically dapper is the second fastest ORM.
  2. Provide inquiring static and dynamic information atop database.
  3. Conduct CRUD actions right away using IDBConnection object.
  4. Obtain multidisciplinary aftermaths for both simple and composite data form.

Establish Dapper ORM in Visual Studio

Want to use Dapper? Well, follow the given steps and enjoy a unique object relational mapping. The steps to install Dapper and making a new project is listed below:

  1. The very first step is obviously you have to open Visual Studio.
  2. After opening Visual studio go to File and click on it.
  3. Under File menu, go to New > Project.
  4. Now, pick up “Web > ASP.Net Web Application” from the dialog box appearing after choosing New Project option (in step 2).
  5. The web project should have a name. Assign a name for the fresh project.
  6. Go to the template for empty project for ASP.Net and select it.
  7. Finally, to save the project, click on OK.

Done! An empty ASP.Net web application scheme is erected. There is another way for the installation of Dapper and that is by using NuGet provided that NuGet is already installed in your device.

You will only have to designate the task from the Solution Explorer window. Then, right click on the “Manage NuGet Package…” option followed by searching for Dapper. Next step is to click on the Install button to commence with the installation mechanism. Wait till the installation is complete. Start exploring when you are done with it.

How Does Dapper Operate?

Dapper mainly operates in three respective acts or step.

  • First step: Creation of an IDBConnection object along with Connection String.
  • Second step: Writing down of a query and piling it up in a normal string variable.
  • Third step: Summon for db.execute() and store it in a normal string obtainable.

Let’s Explore a Bit of Advanced Dapper

  1. Advanced application of Dapper arrives when you need to deal with multiple tables. For instance, querying more than two tables simultaneously at the same time.
  2. Using advanced Dapper techniques you can gain a gateway for multiple tables at once and that too in a way as easy as falling off a log.
  3. You can pass a series of objects and Dapper itself will recognize the introduction as a bulk insert.
  4. Gathering information and data on the basis of different criteria is plausible. Dapper would be automatically transfiguring the assemblage into CSV file as well as get all in the docket of objects back.

A Little Illustration

CRUD in .Net using Dapper ORM

Let us create code by applying Dapper to function CRUD adverse to a database. Let us suppose a database IDG comprising of a table called Author with these fields – ID, FirstName, and LastName.

Create an entity class for this database table for working with Dapper easily. This is the entity class named Author that correlates with the Author table in the IDG database.

public class Author


        public int Id { get; set; }

        public string FirstName { get; set; }

        public string LastName { get; set; }


This represents a simple specimen of using Dapper in C#.

Ending Note

Using an ORM is very much enjoyable. Many people think that the procedure of an ORM configuration is really tough. Well, you might think that until you are using Dapper ORM. I personally love the ease Dapper has come up with. The ease in structuring various databases for different environments using an interface constantly is unmatched.

If you have not used this ORM still now, don’t wait and hesitate. I shall definitely suggest you to try this out and see how Dapper operates.

I hope that you have come to know about a totally unique ORM through this article. It will be very much appreciable if you drop your thoughts on this piece. Share this with your known ones showing interest in fields like this and spread our researched information with the world.

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