Become A Developer – Tips and Tricks For A Successful Coding Career

Want to become a developer? But don’t know where to start. Then you are in the right place. Here you will find the step-by-step guide to become a good developer.

A developer is the second highest payable person after tech professional or engineers in an organization.

Sofware development is a field were new programming language and technologies may live and die, and this job role may shift constantly.

To help the peoples those were looking for a good career in development and wanted to become a developer. Below is the list of steps and this will guide you to become a Developer.

Why There is a Rising Demand for Developers

Every company has become a technical software company to some extent. With digital transformation, technical projects become very important for any company.

A developer is a person who handles all the technical projects related to software, build and create the application required for the company.

According to the data of Indeed, there is a vast vacancy in Back-end and front-end developer, mobile app developer, full stack developer.

Meanwhile, according to the research of US Bureau, it states that software developer jobs will grow 24% from 2016-2026. It is much faster than other professionals.

Roles of Developers

  • Front-end Developer

Front-end developers create interactive and user-friendly web pages. It converts the data into the graphical interface to the user so that user can easily interact with the web pages.

It requires HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web development programming languages to create static and dynamic web pages.

  • Back-end Developer

Back-end developer makes the functionality and connectivity with the web pages. It makes a connection between the web pages and the database.

When a user login, create an account or give any input the whole data will be stored in the database. Back-end developer makes the web page more interactive so that user can easily communicate with the web pages.

  • Full-Stack Developer

Full-Stack developers are both front-end and back-end developer of the application or any website.

Furthermore, a full-stack developer knows all stages of development like API, Network, website hosting, database management system, security management and much more. A full stack developer can earn up to Rs 6,40,520 per year.

Full-Stack Developer

  • Mobile app developer

A mobile developer must know Java, Shift, or any other programming language used for mobile applications.

A Mobile app developer builds user-friendly applications for Android, iOS or any other platform.

Top Best Programming Languages That you Need to Learn

  • Java

Millions of developers widely use Java and running on billion devices worldwide. Furthermore, it is the official programming language for Android and commonly used in the field of programming.

Due to its platform-independent feature, it is widely used by the back-end developers as a server-side scripting language.

  • Python

Python is a case-sensitive programming language. It uses in data mining, machine learning, and scientific computing.

Furthermore, it is the world fastest growing programming language, due to its simplicity it is easily executable and readable by other users.


  • JavaScript

It is a front-end developing programming language and widely used by 80% of the developers today. JavaScript makes the webpage more interactive and user-friendly.

Furthermore, it has many frameworks like React.JS, Angular.JS and many more. So a user will not find any difficulty while learning  JavaScript.

But before coming into JavaScript make sure that you have proper knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Other Things that are Required to Become a Developer

Apart from technical, there are a lot of things that needed for being a good Developer.

  • A Developer must have soft skills.
  • All software is made to solve the problem of the user. A Developer must have problem-solving skills so that he/she can easily understand the issues and address as per client requirement.
  • A developer must know how to deal with the people.

Where to Find Resources For a Career in Development

There are many ways to start a career in the development market. About 80% of the professionals having a degree in computer science and technology.

Some of the developers said they taught themselves from the internet or joining any reputed training institute. Furthermore, about 49% of the developers said that they have taken online programming courses.

Finally, I want to say that if you wish to be a successful developer then go through the article twice and take the step now.