Most In-Demand Programming Languages Of 2018 You Should Learn

The field of software development is dynamic. With every passing year, the developers face fast-changing landscape. With the evolving business needs, the programming languages are either gaining or losing popularity.  So, the developers have to keep up with the changing market to keep up the graph of their career.

From among many tools for determining the popularity of a programming language,  job demand is the most useful one. Here, I have for you seven most in-demand programming languages for this year. The list is prepared according to the number of the job postings for each language.


Java is a two decades old language. It is still used by billions of devices and millions of developers worldwide. Through the Java Virtual Machine, it can work on practically any Operating System and hardware.

Java logo

All the apps on Android are based on Java. And many Fortune 500 companies use this language for backend development as a server-side language.

Although it has seen a considerable decline in job postings, its extensive use is still keeping it ahead of all the others and making it one of the most in-demand programming languages.


Python has become more popular this year as compared to the last year, and it can be seen in the increase in the job postings for this language. It is a language for a general purpose that is used in web development. Software developers also use it as a support language.

Python is also popularly used in machine learning,  scientific computing, and data mining. And that is making it vital for ML developers, in turn giving its popularity a push. And so, it is the next in-demand programming language, after Java.


Meet the ancestor of these languages. Yes, as ancient as it is, its popularity remains the same. Over 80% of the developers and 95% of the websites use this programming language for the dynamic logic on their pages.

With IoT and mobiles gaining popularity increasingly these days,  React, and AngularJS have massive potential for the future. React, and AngularJS is the front-end frameworks for JavaScript. And with that, I strongly doubt that JavaScript is going to lose its popularity anytime soon.


From last year till today, C++ has been holding on to its popularity. It is an extension of the old school language C. C++ is used mostly for game development, client-server applications,  embedded firmware, drivers, and system/application software.

Many programmers find C++ to be very complicated. As compared to Python and Javascript, it is more difficult to learn and implement, but many legacy systems in big enterprises still use it. And so, it is going to remain in demand for a long time to come.


Pronounced as C sharp, it has lost a little demand this year, and yet it makes to the list of top 7 most in-demand programming languages for 2018. This language from Microsoft is object-oriented. It is designed to run on the .NET platform of Microsoft.


It also makes Microsoft’s previous languages faster and easier. In November  C# 7.2 came out. It added many new features to C# for avoiding not needed copying.

Very much like C++, C# is widely used in developing video games. So, if you are aspiring to be a video game developer, you must be an expert in C# programming language.


This one is a scripting language used by the companies on the server side. Since last year, it has gained some popularity and made it to the list of top 7 in-demand programming languages.

This programming language is used in web development mainly for adding the functions that HTML can’t handle. It is also used in combination with MySQL databases.


It is a popular programming language for the system and network administrators. It is considered to be the glue language and has lost its popularity this year.

These are the top 7 contenders for the in-demand list of programming languages. However, there are a few others that haven’t made it to the top 7 but are gaining popularity steadily.


Language lie Swift that is used for iOS and macOS is gaining recognition due to the considerable rise in the use of Apple products. R is gaining popularity in the US and other international search rankings.

Then there is SQL and .NET. SQL is the query language that is used for retrieving, manipulating, and storing data in databases. It can never go out of the demand. Similarly, .NET is the platform from Microsoft that is used for  IoT, desktop, mobile, and gaming app development.

For being the in-demand programmer, you must be aware of the languages that are relevant to your work, even if it isn’t that popular. That would add extra points to your resume.

Moreover, knowledge never harms. You can learn as many programming languages you want. It will only prove to be useful to you in long run.