Kotlin: Google’s Exceptional Alternative to Java

kotlin for android

Kotlin programming language is a statically-typed language, that can operate on different kinds of platforms. It can operate along with Java and Java Virtual Machine. 

It was introduced by JetBrains, in 2010, the company that also created IntelliJ IDEA, and was open-sourced in February 2012.

 The Kotlin’s team has more than 20 full-time members from JetBrains.There are about 100 contributors in the Kotlin project on Git. JetBrains uses Kotlin in all of its products as well as in its flagship product, IntelliJ IDEA.

At first, Kotlin seems like a modified version of java. However, if you notice, you will see that the mindless repetitions in Java have gone away in Kotlin. 

Google is encouraging developers to use Kotlin for android apps. Though Android will prioritize  Kotlin for their development, it will still support Java and C++. 

Reason: Google’s Migration To Kotlin as Their Developing Language

The benefits of using Kotlin for android apps involves less typing, less maintenance, and testing. Using Kotlin, the developers do not require to type lengthy “boilerplate” code.

According to Google’s endorsement in May 2017, they would use Kotlin as their development language for Android alongside Java. More than 50% of  Android developers are using Kotlin. 

As we have understood by now that Kotlin has become an integral part of Android development. Now let’s understand Kotlin with its uses. The benefits of Kotlin for android apps Over Java are:-

1. Kotlin’s Ability to Work with Java

As I have mentioned earlier, Kotlin is compatible with Java. Using the tools and frameworks, you can easily add your project to Kotlin without converting the whole project into Java. 

Therefore, even if you plan to change over to Kotlin, the migration of your project from Java will be a piece of cake.

2. Way More Compact than Java

 It is without a doubt the most important advantage over Java. In Kotlin you can solve the same problem with fewer lines of codes, resulting in lesser bugs and crashes.

The benefits of having a compact developing language are:-

  • Easy Maintenance 
  • Reading the code becomes simpler
  • Easy to perform changes

The features that are responsible for it being so compact are:-

  • Data classes
  • Smart casts
  • Type interface
  • Properties

3. Codes are safer

 The compactness of Kotlin’s code also makes it safer. As there are fewer chances for errors after it. Kotlin by design prevents the programmer from doing common programming mistakes, which results in lesser crashes and fewer numbers of system failures.

You might be wondering what do I mean by “preventing mistakes”? 

Well, by using Kotlin, the developers are encouraged to consider the fact that there can be issues in their code from the early days of developing the app. Thus, the developers always remain cautious and write more stable and robust codes.

4. Safer and Smarter Compiler

The main goal of Kotlins development team was to add a good compiler. 

The basic aspects of the compiler in Kotlin are:-

  • It helps to detect the errors in the compiling time only and not in the running time. This helps it leveraging the “fail-fast” principle.
  • It performs check regularly, hence reducing the errors and bugs occurring while the runtime of the code.

5. Easy Maintenance

It is for no reason that Kotlin is adopted by application development. Lots of IDEs are supported by it, including Android Studio.

Kotlin lets you use all the tools that you have tried, tested and is comfortable to use for    

maintaining your codebase.

6. Boosts your Productivity

 Kotlin was built with the productivity of developers in mind. 

And, without a doubt, the boost in productivity goes back to its compact code size and clean language. 

In Kotlin, you will require less time to write new code, release it and maintain it. 

The other factors that speed up the development process are:-

  • Object declarations
  • Parameter values
  • Extension functions

It “Spoils” You By Supporting You for Creating a Useful Programming

The above line actually means:

  • By inlining, you can increase your mobile’s performance.
  • You can change between concepts in a more direct and short way.
  • Kotlin allows you to use good function types.

Parting Words 

Though Java is not going anywhere, Kotlin is here to stay. It has become an important part of the Android development process.  

I hope you understand the reason why Google selected Kotlin as there developing language.

If you have any queries you can ask in the comment section below.     

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