Grand Duel For Developer Market: Node.js Vs Java

Node.js Vs Java

Java and Node.js are two different approaches for developing mobile and network applications. They both have their own respective unique features which have attracted developers from around the world. But there is one issue that always comes up and creates a major debate different groups of developers – which is better.

This article will give you a detailed solution to the question that you might also have stirred in your head. Wide range of features are the most attractive points of these two platforms. But any one can be a little better for working with. Let us get into this and discover the better path.

Know a Bit About Node.js

Node.js is a server-side platform created upon the JavaScript Engine of Google Chrome (V8 Engine). It was embellished in the year 2009. V0.10.36 is the most current version of Node.js. The main and most important objective fulfilled by Node.js is building up fast and scalable network applications. This platform is an open source server environment, it is free, operates on different platforms such as Linux, Windows, Mac Operating System, Unix and so on.

What are the Main Features that We Get From Node.js?

  1. It is very fast – Node.js is one of the fastest podiums for execution of codes.
  2. Zero buffering – As I mentioned in the first point, Node.js is one of the fastest and hence do not buffer any data. The data comes out as outputs in lumps.
  3. Node.js is event driven and does not exist or occur simultaneously at the same time.
  4. Node.js runs on the application of single threaded model besides event looping. The single threaded program it uses can also be used for the provision of service to a more enlarged quantity of requests than classic servers like Apache HTTP server.
  5. Node.js was set free in the market under the licensing of MIT.

Know a Bit About Java

Java is an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language which is concurrent and based on class. It comprises of JVM which is the foundation of the Java platform. This is a programming language that builds up and develops software for various environments. Bytecode is the compiled code a programmer writes in a Java application.  This bytecode runs on maximum number of operating systems such as Windows, Linus, Mac OS and some more.

What are the Major Features That We Get From Java?

  1. Java is an Object Oriented Programming language and therefore it can be widely stretched (as it works on the basis of Object module).
  2. This programming language is very much simpler to learn and get adapted with. You can easily be an expert in Java programming if you get a good grip of OOP Java concept.
  3. Java can manufacture systems protected from any virus and other risky dabbles. On the basis of public-key encryption, Java offers the firm authentication procedures.
  4. One of the most important features of Java is that it is portable. Java compiler generates an architecture-neutral object file structure. This results in the production of the compiled code which can be run in several processors along with the presence of Java running system.

In the year 1995, Java put its first steps in the market. Programming became as easy as a piece of cake because of Java. In the year 2009, Node.js arrived and the competition between then has been tough. The battle between these two has been a well known one since the initial release of the later.

For a better clarification, let me mention that Java is a programming language whereas Node.js is a substructure. But if you are here for a comparison between these two then you have two know certain points. These points are important as these tell you which is good for what.

The Positive Side of Node.js

JavaScript gets a spot on the server and also in the browser for Node.js. The code that you will write on one will be running on both the floors. It is way easier to keep attached with Javascript for both sides of the client/server divide than it is to write something once in Java and then once again on JavaScript. Node.js makes the migration of code easy and straightforward in either way.

Developers write queries for fresher databases such as CouchDB and MongoDB in JavaScript. If you want to mingle Node.js with a summon to the database needs no big alteration, let alone any need to remember the gaps in syntax.

The flexibility in the syntax of Node.js is one of the most important positive sides of this structure. Many web services and databases sends back data results in JSON and so does Node.jos. JSON is a natural appendage for JavaScript. It is one of the most commonly used and also very much useful. JSON has become so useful that plenty of Java developers use this format. Another thing is, numerous good JSON parsers are existent in as Java libraries. JSON is not a part of the base structure of JavaScript. You do not face the lack of libraries here.

What are the Vanquishing Criteria of Java?

Java’s firmest foundation is what makes it such a secure programming language. Well, to be honest there are flaws and glitches in Java but comparing it to Node.js, Java is as strong as a mountain.

Java will provide you better IDEs. If you are looking forward to edit while working on the running source code with the assistance of your IDE, Java tools are comparatively more strong and trustworthy.

There are a large section of programmers that works by the application of Java because they find typing code statically better for its secure and simple foundation. Java is enough to make JavaScript closer to you. Java have also won many hearts for its very easy, simple and straightforward build procedure.

The debugging and monitoring tools that come along with Java are very mature and very much well prepared for you to take complete benefits. Android applications are mostly created on the basis of Java programming. Most of us have almost forgotten the use of desktops as we can perform each and every task on our mobile phones. They are good enough for performing almost every task.

Which One the World Incline Towards?

Both Java and Node.js offers some extravagant features for developing applications through programming. But, always one remains which the market demands more than the other. Here, Node.js is the one. The listed points will let you know why. 

  1. Node.js is an expert in executing and ranking at the top most of the time for lower usage of CPU and high input/output bound functioning.
  2. If you want to work in cloud environment, Node.js has proven itself to be the best. Node.js is also suitable for working with client virtual devices through staunch software.
  3. When compared with Java, Node.js uses very less amount of code to accomplish tasks.
  4. Node.js is easy to use and more reachable to the developers. It runs more efficiently on hefty input/output bound devices with much less utilization of the CPU.
  5. Node.js projects can compile in lesser amount of time, just a few minutes.
  6. The above point makes it possible for Node.js to work with reuse of code. Thus, this becomes the greatest advantage of using Node.js.

Concluding Note

Well, obviously it depends on the developers and the users to decide whether JAVA is better or Node.js. But I personally will always opt for Node.js as it has made developing web applications very easy in comparison with JAVA or .Net. Node.js joins with JavaScript. This helps the user to have a first class experience in programming. Also, Node.js is suitable to make less delay. The open source environment of Node.js not only allows the reuse of code but also redistribution.

With this we came to the end of this piece. I would be parting with you guys just by asking for feedback on this collation. Let us know which one would you use as a developer. Share this to let us get connected with the world more and more.

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