Redmonk Releases its Language Rankings: Python Shines ahead of Java

Python programming languages are now one of the best programming languages. According to IEEE, Python is now the world’s number one, in the ranking of programming languages, leaving Java way back in the list. The Redmonk also agrees with the information given by IEEE. 

In the previous month, the ranking of Redmonk showed that Java and Python are battling against each other to gain the upper hand. But somehow, Python is now successful in holding its ground and Java slipped into third place. 

Expert’s Overview

Tech experts and developers say that the most notable winner of this competition is Python, there is no doubt about that. Assuming the central control of the ranking amongst the two programming languages Python, a non-Java and Javascript language emerged at the top. Previously, it was not a distinctive choice for the programmers but now it is everywhere. 

Python for Everyone

Apart from the choice of the programmers and developers, the Python programming language is taught in schools and colleges. Teachers and education experts consider it a beginner programming language for all the students. Apart from the teaching field, there is also a massive amount of potential in Python for the future development of Artificial Intelligence. 

Redmonk’s Current Ranking Procedure 

The current working procedure of Redmonk is worth mentioning. This is the only procedure that gave Python its well-deserved importance. The languages are initialized by the queries comparing the popularity of all the software and web developers in the entire world. Let’s not delay and check out the procedure one by one.

  • Any language is basically the repository language. That is why it gets the benefits of cohesion in the ranking methodology. 
  • Redmonk ranks every language in with the method of the forked repository. This results in generating genuine reports in terms of ranking.
  • The aggregated list of history helps in analyzing and determining the ranking in a tabular structure. 
  • Redmonk doesn’t make any claims regarding general usage over the rankings. For instance, there is a more or less co-relative examination for the predictive future. Hence, this can determine the exact value. 
  • For the sake of public interest, they rank the languages in numerical order. In terms of a particular language’s tier and grouping, the numerical ranking is much less relevant.

In the case of all the top-tier programming languages, depending upon the various data screenshots and the assessed data, in a minute, the placement of a language takes place. If this happens, then reliability decreases and the next one proceeds further. 

Redmonk’s Programming language List 

In this list, there will be more than one language in the ranking number. This means that those two or three languages are ranking at the same place in the list. But, the preceding one has gained the upper hand by all the tech experts and developers around the world. 

  1. JavaScript
  2. Python
  3. Java
  4. PHP
  5. C#
  6. C++
  7. Ruby
  8. CSS
  9. TypeScript
  10. C
  11. Swift
  12. Objective-C
  13. Scala
  14. R
  15. Go
  16. Shell
  17. PowerShell
  18. Perl
  19. Kotlin
  20. Haskell

When these rankings are in the process, people are commenting and expressing their views. The views are basically only in the top 10 languages. 

The Rise and Fall 

Python has already surpassed Java and now is on the second in the ranking list.  Whereas C++ dropped itself a step behind. As a result, Ruby has stepped forward in the place of C++. The limited-time performance will not change the course of a language from higher to lower or vice-versa. But, there are certainly many bright spots ahead for all the programming languages to show their class and earn the bright spot on the Redmonk list.


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